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Shipping Services


iConEx® Shipping Services mostly include same day shipping services of biological substances, medical courier, film prints and fashion apparels, AOG aircraft parts, pharmaceuticals, confidential matters and documentations, fragile and high-valued goods, media and fashion products, sports and entertainment equipment.  Parcel delivery services, door-to-door same day shipping services, combine with speed, efficiency, and reliability that is critical to your daily same day expedited shipping and delivery service success.


iConEx® Scheduled same day shipping provides a wide range of urgent transportation scheduled daily pick-up options from a letter size parcel to a trukload shipments to meet all your urgent on-demand shipping needs. Whether via same day air "Next Flight Out" or expedited freight service by ground, we guarantee your same day shipments will be delivered as scheduled.


iConEx® Same Day Shipping Services guarantee increase productivity of your business by managing your parcel deliveries chain of chain of custody with its network of dedicated, trained, certified drivers, and specialized courier services.


Here are some things to consider when choosing a same day Shipping Service Company.


  • Experience. How long has the shipping service company been in the business? Do they have the experience and expertise to handle the complications that may come up during urgent transport? Have they worked with bussinesses in your type of industry before?
  • Reliability. How is the shipping service company on-time performance record? Have they been able to retain and service the business of prominent companies?
  • Convenience. Does the shipping service company provide web-based capibility to accomodate your shipping needs at your convenience?
  • Support. Will you be able to reach customer support or ship a package if you need it 24 hours a day?
  • Services. Does the delivery service company offer complementary services that your business may need multiple modes of shipping such as same day, delivery services, freight services, parcel delivery service, courier services, and logictics services?

            iConEx® list of Shipping Services by Industry


                      Medical Courier and Shipping Services


                      Aviation and AOG parts Shipping Services


                      Sports and Entertainment Shipping Services


                      Media and Film Prints Shipping Services

                                 Trade Show Shipping Service


                                 Retail and Fashion Shipping Services


                                 High Technology Shipping Service


                                 Litigation Support Shipping Service