iConEx® Same Day 

   Manufacturing Courier Service

iConEx® SameDay delivery services are necessary in order for products to be quickly delivered to businesses and consumers anticipating efficient parcel and freight delivery services. Today’s on time logistics strategies requires the constant movement of inventory circulating from warehousing to distribution centers to its final end customers. It allocates logistics resources to achieve superior industry standard.

iConEx® SameDay techniques is to optimize manufacturing flow; maintaining the right mix and location of factories and warehouses to serve customer markets, and using location/allocation, vehicle routing analysis, dynamic and, of course, traditional logistics optimization to maximize the efficiency of the distribution from courier and delivery service to same day shipping service of freights and parcels.


  • Manufacturing industry utilizes iConEx Express to expedite their same day freight and parcels
  • Same day freight services you can count on


    • On-demand freight and delivery services
    • Expedited same day parcel shipping services
    • Supply chain and logistics service management
  • iConEx SameDay freight and shipping service operates at the highest level


    • Precision
    • Reliability
  • Same day freight guaranteed within cities, state-to-state, or coast-to-coast
  • Proof of delivery within minutes


    • Phone or fax, Email or text
    • Web-based shipment tracking
  • To open an account, call or go to IconExOnline for all your same day services

iConEx® SameDay specializes in same day shipping and same day delivery services, that is why our 24 hour same day supply chain logistics services offer same day pick up within 60 minutes or less and priceless peace of mind guaranteeing you same day delivery.