Logistic Services
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  Logistics Services

iConEx® Excels at developing and maintaining on-site and offsite load control centers that augment client operations while reducing transportation costs and delivering superior customer service. From these centers, we can manage a shipper's entire supply chain logistics operations or complement existing transportation staffs.


iConEx® personnel are well versed in the technical and daily operational aspects of transportation management from scheduled to on-demand same day shipping and delivery service. Staff members use clients' existing or our own web-based technology to effectively manage shipping operation. We also offer freight services, courier services, and internet-based tracking and tracing systems via IconExOline. Most importantly, load control center personnel work in tandem with client management to ensure operational objectives are met.


Supply Chain Network


iConEx® employs the best-of-class network redesign software, to perform Supply Chain Network Redesign Studies. These studies help us find safe ways to exceed customer commitments by utilizing the most productive workflow. Supply Chain Network Redesign Studies define the optimal supply chain network among your business sectors to minimize total logistics expenses, such as transportation, warehousing and inventory carrying costs, while maintaining your service levels. By analyzing current and potential manufacturing and distribution locations, we can optimize your warehouse / distribution network. In addition, IconEx analyzes your business sectors to find, and take advantage of, possible synergies and consolidation opportunities.


Inbound Freight Management


iConEx® electronic routing guides help shippers tighten their grip on inbound spending. IconEx also analyzes clients' inbound freight data to identify other opportunities for cost savings and service improvements. Additionally, we audit supplier compliance, develop trend analyses and establish procedures to ensure continuous process improvement.


Continuous Move Routing

iConEx® uses continuous move routing to transform separate truckload shipments into ongoing "tours" that reduce one-way movements, empty miles and high-cost minimum charges. The result is improved asset utilization and more desirable and cost-effective routes for carriers, drivers, shippers and consignees. Additionally, linking a company's outbound and inbound traffic can further leverage backhaul and continuous move opportunities. IconEx also offers continuous move routing in a multiple-shipper environment wherein participating shippers leverage their collective truckload movements to maximize financial and service benefits.


Reverse Logistics


Your transportation needs may not end once your product reaches its destination. IconEx offers reverse logistics services to provide shippers with exceptional service that comes with full circle to ensure safe, efficient and cost-effective product movement in the aftermarket space. We work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs) and branded and retail companies to identify the best ways to manage their reverse logistics operations.