Expedited Shipping Service


iConEx® Same Day
  Expedited Shipping Services

iConEx® same day expedited shipping service is suitable for customers who need their shipment same day on-demand, “on-call” request, or “STAT” by having the convenience of same day expedited shipping service.  Our same day expedited shipping service offers fast, reliable cross-country same day expedited shipping with time-specific. IconEx same-day expedited shipping service is available in the United States and Canada 24 hours including weekends and holidays via our same day delivery courier parcel air freight and shipping service.

At your convenience, schedule a time-specific same-day scheduled delivery for your pick-up; Customers also have the benefits of our same day shipping, daily scheduled pick-up and same day delivery service via our next-flight-out same day air guaranteed service.  Specific time of same day delivery is provided when order is placed. Expedited shipments often include AOG parts, corporate runs, parcel delivery, film prints and fashion, sports and entertainments, healthcare science, medical courier, bio-medical samples, pharmaceuticals.


iConEx® Expedited shipping service will give you access to the industry’s most reliable, cost effective, and comprehensive solutions with just one call:


  • Pick up from most locations within 60 to 90 minutes of your call
  • Same day shipping or local courier service for delivery to all major cities
  • Door-to-door, counter-to-counter or door-to-airport pick up and same day shipping, as well as hold for pick up and drop off shipping services
  • Tracking from placing an order through delivery using the simplest tracking system combined with in-depth information for each individual shipment to ensure integrity throughout transit and send alerts instantly when there is a threat of delay.
  • Certified, Dedicated, trained drivers and local shipping service for the fastest same day shipping – even after hours - weekends and holidays.
  • Proof of delivery is available within minutes of drop off by phone, fax, email or text, and internet-based tracking and tracing systems at IconExOnline.

iConEx® specializes on same day shipping service, that is why our 24 hours supply chain logistics services provides same day pick-up within 90 minutes or less and offer a priceless piece of mind by guaranteeing you on-time same day shipping and delivery.