iConEx® Same Day  
   Sports & Enterainment Courier Service

iConEx® SameDay Delivery has been meeting the unique delivery service’s needs of the entertainment, sports, special events, media, fashion and films industry for decades. These venues recommend highly time critical expedited logistics services that only iConEx same day shipping and expedited same day delivery services can deliver flawlessly regardless of the same day shipping challenge particulars.  

"Chasing daylight" is a term often heard in the entertainment, fashion and film industry. That’s because, in the entertainment industry, time is money. Films industries and television studios depend on iConEx Express SameDay Delivery service to move quickly. iConEx courier services provide flexibility in scheduling timely same day delivery, on-demand pick-ups, next flight out and warehousing.


  • With in-depth freight and parcel delivery services experience working with the media, films, and fashion apparel industry


    • Film festivals expedited courier service
    • Soon-to-air TV show segments, news same day shipping service
    • Movies/Films circulation and same day freight service
    • Fashion shows and magazines express delivery service
    • Exhibitions and conferences trade show courier and freight service
  • iConEx® SameDay shipping plays a major shipping and delivery service role in the entertainment and sports industry


    • National Youth Softball expedited shipping service
    • PGA equipment same day air freight and courier service
    • MLB training camp equipment delivery service
    • Live concert expedited freight service
  • Web-based real-time shipment tracking of your delivery via iConExOnline
  • Same day shipping and delivery services guaranteed within cities, state-to-state, or coast-to-coast
  • Call or go to iConExOnline for all your same day shipping and delivery services to open an account.

iConEx® SameDay specializes in same day shipping and same day delivery services, that is why our 24 hour same day supply chain logistics services offer pick up from anywhere within 90 minutes or less and priceless peace of mind guaranteeing you same day delivery service.