iConEx® Same Day 
  Corporate Couirer Services

Many world leading corporations partners with IconEx Express SameDay Delivery not only for their courier service, parcels delivery service,  freight forwarding needs, mostly for its continuous path towards enhancing and strengthening its partnerships through strategic and standardized implementations to improve its competitiveness in terms of both creative time sensitive delivery and cost effectiveness.

iConEx® SameDay Delivery & courier services focus on cost-conscious designs to dependable time-definite shipping services and delivery services.  Our dedicated staff is cognizant that our corporate clients depend on IconEx same day shipping services with every pick-up and delivery services from the moment they call and thereby assured that their same day, freights, or parcels will be delivered on time.


  • Corporations trust iConEx Express Sameday Shipping and Delivery services with their vital documentations
  • Corporate Courier services you can count on

                     On-demand medical courier service


                     Expedited trade show freight services


  • iConEx SameDay Delivery services operates at the highest level         







  • Web-based delivery service streamlined to corporate partners via iConExOnline real-time shipment tracking
  • Your same day shipping is guaranteed to be on time within cities, state-to-state, or coast-to-coast
  • Proof of delivery within minutes via phone or fax, email or text, and web-based tracking
  • Call or go to iConExOnline for all your same day shipping and delivery services to open an account.

iConEx® SameDay specializes in same day shipping and same day delivery services, that is why our 24 hour same day supply chain logistics services offer same day pick up within 60 minutes or less and priceless peace of mind guaranteeing you same day delivery.