iConEx® Same Day 
Aviation and Aerospace Services

iConEx® Same Day Shipping services maintain its leadership in the aviation industry, having shifted its focus from ''high tech'' to cost-conscious designs made possible through its concurrent same day shipping services, courier services, transportation, logistics and warehousing coupled with better-than-ever customer AOG (Aircraft on Ground) Aircraft Parts Shipping Services helping aircrafts back in the air as soon as possible.

Emergency AOG repairs within the aviation industry from unscheduled maintenance, unforeseen breakdown, or lack of inventories can cost thousands of dollars every second an aircraft is grounded.  iConEx SameDay Shipping and Delivery assured that is staffed around the clock to immediately respond to all of the aviation and aerospace industry’s expedited critical needs.


  • Same day shipping aeronautics logistics services to keep your fleet airborne and passengers aboard
  • iConEx is dedicated to a high diversity of same day delivery logistics transportation services

                    Courier service, same day shipping and delivery services


                    Next flight out, priority freight, on-board hand carry


                    Expedited on-demand ground freight service


                    AOG and Aircrafts logistics services and parts warehousing


  • iConEx in-depth knowledge in aviation AOG and aircraft parts logistics
  • Working closely with companies, vendors, OEMs, airlines and operators
  • Your same day shipping is guaranteed to be at its destination on time within cities, state-to-state and coast-to-coast
  • Proof of delivery is available within minutes of delivery by phone, fax, email or text, and web-based tracking at iConExOnline

When time is essential and reliability is crucial, Call iConEx Sameday or go to iConExOnline for all your same day shipping and delivery services to open an account guaranteeing priceless peace of mind delivering your same day shipment on time every time.